About Us

Who we are

KFDC is a public sector enterprise jointly owned by the state and central government. The main activities of KFDC include management of timber and softwood plantations including its felling, auctions, planting and silvicultural management. KFDC has unique Eco-tourism sites which are managed scientifically, supporting local communities with a bare minimum footprint. Cash crop production of cardamom, coffee, tea, pepper etc., and its sale through eco-shops and auctions also are important part of KFDC activities. KFDC ensures conservation and protection of its forest and biodiversity wealth while also supporting forest communities.

Where we work

KFDC is spread across Kerala and has its Headquarters in Kottayam. It has 6 divisional offices at Thiruvanthapuram, Punalur, Gavi, Munnar, Thrissur and Mananthavady. We safeguard and regulate operations over 10053.834 Ha of forests (29% percent of Kerala’s total forest area) scattered through 8 revenue districts.


Our biodiversity wealth

The forest types in the divisions of KFDC consists of Tropical wet evergreen, Tropical moist deciduous, Tropical dry deciduous, Grasslands and Shola forests. These forests support diverse species such as Macaranga peltata, Termianlia paniculata, Atrocarpus hirsutus, Ealeocarpus granitus, Strobilanthus kuthiana, Ravwoulfia serpentine, Piper wightii etc., and wildlife such as Asiatic elephant, Tigers, Leopards, Wild pigs, Dholes, Nilgiri tahrs, Kingfishers, Hornbills, Asian blue fairies, Lion tailed macaques, Nilgiri martens, Bengal monitor lizard, False Malabar gliding frog etc.