Gavi Division

Gavi Division (1039.604 Ha)

This division includes the subunits Gavi, Pamba and Gavi & Kochupamba Ecotourism which all comes under the forest range of Goodirikkal and adjoining Periyar Tiger Reserve. The KFDC Vagamon area has a unique miniature shola grassland ecosystem. The Orchidarium and floriculture centre at Vagamon has a variety of plants and orchids which can be purchased also. The centre also serves as a conservation centre for the wild and domesticated orchids and ferns of the Western Ghats. The Eco-Development Committees in Gavi Division are also recognised by the Periyar Foundation.

Flora and Fauna

Gavi divison supports tropical evergreen forests having indigenous species like Mesua ferrea, Chukrasia tabularis, Manilkara hexandra, Neolitsea strobiculata etc. Gavi, being abundant in wildlife has a rich population of Asiatic elephant, Leopard, Nilgiri langur, Indian Bison, Dhole, Asian blue fairy, Barking deer and ellusive species like leopard cat and the endemic rare species such as Nilgiri Marten etc.


The subunit of Gavi, Kochupamba and Meenar have community based activities. These EDCs are recognised by the Periyar Foundation. The members of the community also act as the tourist guides in the ecotourism sites.


Go on a boating through the emerald waters of Kochupamba, enjoy the pristine environment while exploring the beauty of Neervezhcha waterfalls. The Sabarimala viewpoint blesses your day with the spectacular view of the deep ravine and the beautiful evergreen forest. Want to have an understanding about the skeletal anatomy of the animals? Gavi has a dedicated museum for that. Explore Gavi through our Ecotourism link below. Visit Gavi for an out of the world experience!

Gavi Division at a Glance