Punalur Division

Punalur Division (2712.041 Ha)

This division comprises of the subunit Punnala, Karavoor which comes under the forest range of Pathanapuram and Vadaserikkara, Karavoor and Achenkovil.

Flora and Fauna

Punalur has tropical evergreen forests having indigenous trees like Macranga peltata, Terminalia paniculata, Emblica offcianalis and Cassia fistula. Trivandrum and Punalur divisions share the same type of vegetation composition. The wildlife species found in this division are Srilankan bull frog, Malabar torrent dart, Chocolate pansy, White throated kingfisher, Indian peafowl, Indian grey mongoose, Indian black turtle, Asiatic elephant, Tigers, leopards and wild boars etc.


  • Eucalyptus plantations (593.180 Ha)
  • Acacia plantations (494.460 Ha)

Gmelina arborea (0.78 Ha)
Gmelina coppice (7.43 Ha)

  • Teak Plantation (1027.19 Ha)
  • Albizia Plantation (51 Ha)

Punalur Division at a Glance