Trivandrum Division

Trivandrum Division (3040.912 Ha)

This division comprises of the Subunits of Arippa, Palode and Anakulam lying in the forest ranges of Kulathupuzha, Palode, Paruthipally and Anchal.

Flora and fauna

Thiruvananthapuram has tropical wet evergreen forests and supports a lush vegetation of a variety of trees, orchids, and medicinal plants. Macranga peltata, Terminalia paniculata, Emblica offcianalis, Cassia fistula and Myristica trees are some of the indigenous tree species of Trivandrum division. Gaur, Asiatic elephant, Lion tailed macaque, Tigers, leopards, Indian nightjar, Srilankan frogmouth, Nilgiri pigeon, painted bush quail, Indian peafowl etc. are some of the wildlife of the region.


Arippa is well known for its diversity in Avifauna. Around 120 species of birds can be sighted in this locale. This area provides a unique opportunity to explore one of the tropical fresh water swamps in Kerala, the Myristica Swamp at Trivandrum. The Myristica trees of this swamp support the most primitive flowering plants on earth. Please visit our ecotourism sites at Arippa and explore the beauty of this locale.


  • Eucalyptus plantations (1298.427 Ha)
  • Acacia plantations (938.992 Ha)
  • Gmelina arborea (20.284 Ha)
  • Red sanders (36.64 Ha)
  • Sandal (8 Ha)

Trivandrum Division at a Glance