Our Activities

KFDC functions as per the Management Plan (2020-21 to 2024-25) which is duly approved by MoEF. All activities during the plan period are sanctioned by MoEF. The Management Plan is prepared on a scientific basis following all the principles of a Working Plan preparation.


What we do

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Timber and Softwood Plantations

KFDC has an area of 10,0053.834 Ha of which approximately 7000 ha is plantations….

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Conservation & Protection

KFDC has an area of about 10,000 ha of which 30% are natural forests which are conserved and protected for their…

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Cash crops

KFDC has coffee and cardamom plantations in the divisions of Munnar, Thrissur and Gavi. An entire division of

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The products of KFDC are made available to public via online auctions that are usually held at respective divisions

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Kerala being rich in biodiversity and ecological hotspots, is a travellers heaven. The idea of responsible travel…

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Community Development and Empowerment

Along with Conservation and Plantation activities, KFDC also work for the welfare of the Forest…